This unique Shift Thinking Sales Coaching Program is for you. If you’re…

• Tired of the feast or famine revenue roller coaster
• Sick-and-tired of not earning what you’re capable of earning
• Worried your sales pipeline lacks sufficient opportunities
• Concerned you don’t have a plan to get your business to the next level
• Having trouble winning bigger deals faster
• Frustrated you’re not getting enough new qualified appointments
• Scared to death of picking up the telephone to prospect

Do you feel like you’re ready to breakthrough to the next level, but you’re stuck? Do you feel like you’re working your butt off, but having little success winning sales and boosting your income? Do you feel anxious, fearful, and overwhelmed?

If so, here's some really great news!

Today, Charlie Anderson a leading sales expert, bestselling author, and creator of SHIFT Thinking, a proprietary “breakthrough” change method is kicking-off his brand-new Shift Thinking Sales Coaching Program. This unique, high performance coaching program is based on key principles from his bestselling book Shift Thinking that can help you grow your sales exponentially and dramatically improve your earnings.

Shift Thinking Sales Coaching can help you breakthrough personal limitations and unleash your most powerful, unstoppable you.

Act NOW to take advantage of this special offer and CRUSH YOUR SALES GOALS.

This is an exclusive sales coaching opportunity that Charlie’s offering to a small group of serious and committed professionals to WORK ONE-ON-ONE WITH HIM.  

This is NOT an online, mass-audience, webinar coaching program where hundreds of people listen-in to a speaker talk. SHIFT THINKING SALES COACHING is tailored and personalized to your specific needs, goals, and expectations and it’s done entirely over the phone in the convenience and privacy of your office or home, one-on-one with Charlie Anderson.

Here’s what you get if you’re selected for Charlie’s coaching program:

Six-months of live (over the phone), tailored, and individual coaching

Each month, for six-months, you’ll engage in two, sixty-minute private coaching phone calls with Charlie to work-
your specific sales challenges and achieve your goals.

You will have access to Charlie 24/7 via email in case you need help with sales issues that arise unexpectedly.

Full guidance and support. Charlie will support and guide you along the way and help you achieve more than you ever
     thought possible.


To achieve breakthrough sales results, you can’t just change what you do. You first must SHIFT how you think. (This is what most training and coaching programs fail to recognize, and why they often don’t work).
By applying key SHIFT Thinking Principles, you’ll learn how to reprogram the “mental stuff” that’s holding you back, so you can achieve a HIGHER-LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENT.

What others are saying…

“If you’re struggling to set more qualified appointments, use the phone to prospect, and build a robust sales pipeline, then sign up for Charlie’s sales coaching program.”
“Charlie Anderson is way ahead or most sales trainers and coaches in spotting trends, teaching pertinent selling skills, and transforming how sales professionals think and perform. The results: breakthrough success.”
“When it comes to results-driven sales training and coaching, Charlie Anderson coaching program.”
“Today, as a result of Charlie Anderson, our sales team is closing bigger deals and creating a legacy of trusted relationships.”
“I attribute a big part of our sales team’s success to the sales playbook Charlie Anderson designed for them.”

If you’re looking to dramatically improve your sales results and earn what top performing sales professionals earn, this coaching program is for you.

If you’re selected for this unique Shift Thinking Sales Coaching Program,

  • Eliminate self-limiting and self-sabotaging thoughts that are holding you back from moving forward and achieving your goals

  • Design a clear-path and action plan to create explosive sales growth

  • Get laser-focused on how to invest your time, effort, energy, and priorities

  • Craft a value proposition and messaging to provide value to customers beyond price

  • Generate better leads, set more qualified appointments, and build a robust sales pipeline

  • Use email, voicemail, and social media to connect with key decision makers

  • Prospect via phone without fear and anxiety and achieve great results

  • Professionally respond to common objections you hear and convert them into sales

  • Win profitable sales faster without chasing, begging, and discounting

Act NOW to take advantage of this special offer and CRUSH YOUR SALES GOALS.

About the presenter – Charlie Anderson


This is an exclusive hands-on sales coaching opportunity to WORK ONE-ON-ONE WITH CHARLIE ANDERSON — one of the most respected, experienced, and performance-driven sales trainers and coaches in the sales industry.

Charlie is founder and President of Selling Skills Institute and a bestselling author. During the past 19 years, Charlie has trained, coached, and mentored thousands of sales professionals, business owners, and sales leaders in the insurance and financial services industries, commercial printing, publishing, digital media, T.V broadcast, banking, and advertising fields. Charlie is the author of six books, including his number one bestseller, The Secret to Winning Big which he co-authored with the legendary personal development trainer, author, and speaker, Brian Tracy.


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